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First Issue 15 June 2021


The best way to gather your thoughts for a newletter is to sit cross-legged on the deck and have a parrot, of some experience, roost on your shoulder tell you things you need to do repeatedly.




Among the items addressed in our monthly newsletter will be recognition of superior heroic or meritorious service in the face of the public for the ultimate benefit of the goodname of dreadnaughts-bluejackets.com under the heading "Mentioned in Newsletters." This is akin to the British Commonweath award "Mentioned in Dispatches" which is a unique bit of geedunk that mounts on a medal.


For example, what will suffice for you to rate such recognition will be if you successfully convince a librarian to buy, or accept, a hardcover copy of THE ABALONE UKULELE for his/her library and you can provide documentation (a receipt, a letter of recognition, a notarized affidavit under seal, etc.)


What will not suffice will be saving an admiral from a burning golf cart. DO NOT RISK LIFE OR LIMB OR FORTUNE. OR BREAK ANY LAWS to earn this recognition. Think getting more books in the hands of happy readers.


How will we know? Though we have our ways, the best way to bring your mentionable conduct through the "Contact" page of this website.


Aspiring Mentioners may be recognized using their own names of a tasteful nautical nom de guerre of their own choosing.





Second Issue, August 15, 2021

FLAGHOIST, Second Issue



The Abalone Ukulele is now available in Kindle (Amazon) and Nook (Barnes & Noble) ebook editions which though not as conveniently tucked in the cargo pocket of your tactical shorts has some advantages.






Hand Salutes to:


                  "Foremast Jack" and "Charon the Steersperson"

                  "Navy Salt" and the "Cubano Pistol"


These duos have expended exceptional effort in getting the word out to the world! 




Just in! To the immediate right are two photos were provided by the heroic, suave, and swashbuckling "Captain Larchmont."


Captain Larchmont is a true old salt and inspiring leader steeped in the fine points of both seamanship and  admiralty law, respected by all.




Kind readers send us pictures of you reading The Abalone Ukulele and we will post them in The Flaghoist.