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This is the Year of the Dragon," more particularly the Year of the Wooden Dragon.
Lunar New Year in the US is often referred to as "Chinese New Year," but this holiday is celebrated in and belongs to all Asia.
This year Lunar New Year occurs occurs on February 10th!
Since the Abalone Ukulele's central protagonist is "Skookan" Yi," a Korean expatriate, let's look at "Seollal" as it is known in Korea. It last three days, not just one!
During Seollal, Koreans pay respect to their ancestors and spend time with living family members and by performing traditional rites to honor their ancestors. This holiday means talking for hours on end, eating special foods at designated times, telling stories all night, and playing folk games.
Many Koreans will visit their ancestral hometowns, but many cannot. For them, the holiday is at best bittersweet, since their ancestral hometowns are north of the DMZ.

The Abalone Ukulele: A Tale of Far Eastern Intrigue


"R. L Crossland's The Abalone Ukulele is a masterclass in historical fiction.  With painstaking research and a gift for story spinning, Crossland brings to brilliant life a sprawling epic of greed, gold, and redemption.  Crossland's gift for converting historic details into character and narrative makes The Abalone Ukulele an immersive read."  —   Joseph A. Williams, author of Seventeen Fathoms Deep and The Sunken Gold"


"Crossland's tale of shenanigans, greed, nobility, slivers of grace, propels across a geography spanning Shanghai, the Klondike gold fields, and San Francisco's wharves."

- Loretta Goldberg, award winning author of The Reversible Mask

The Abalone Ukulele: A Tale of Far Eastern Intrigue

THE JADE ROOSTER: An Asiatic Fleet Thriller

". . . a complex, nautical mystery . . . [that] showcases a solid, captivating flair for gripping, detailed, exhilarating . . .a challenging but eminently engaging and titillating spellbinder." - Alice A. Booher, US Naval Institute Proceedings

Winner of the 2008 Admiral David Glasgow Farragut Book Award

THE  JADE ROOSTER: An Asiatic Fleet Thriller

RED ICE: A Cold War Thriller

"A first class war novel-exciting, terse, and a page turner for sure!"

- Robin Moore, author of The Green Berets and The French Connection

"Raw adventure...exciting story telling."

- Clive Cussler

"RED ICE is red-hot . . . told with an eye for action and detail only an ex-SEAL could have."

- Guy Durham, author of Stealth

RED ICE: A Cold War Thriller